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Backup solutions for OEM vendors

Our solutions for OEMs are suitable for companies that manufacture storage devices (such as USB/Firewire external hard drives, USB flash drives, Enclosures, NAS devices), hosting companies, system integrators, independent software vendors or other type of technology providers. Contact us to get started:

OEM bundle

We can create a rebranded version of our backup program specifically targeted for hardware manufacturers or service providers that want to bundle a backup program too. The OEM program is ideal for:
  • USB/Firewire enclosure or external hard drive manufacturers
  • USB flash drives or other removable storage devices)
  • Internal hard drive or other local storage devices
  • Hosting companies that offer FTP/SFTP storage services
  • PC manufacturers or other system integrators
It is very common now to see USB/Firewire external drives, flash drives or other storage devices bundled with backup software, as there is an increased demand for complete backup solutions, thus if you are a manufacturer now is the time to do so.

OEM Bundling Advantages

  • Customizable list of features. You can customize the features included in the bundled backup software, so that you either offer your clients only the features that you consider most important, or you can offer all of them.
  • Brand protection. If you intend to bundle the backup program with a particular storage device (USB/Firewire external hard drive, USB flash drive), it can be "locked" so that it works only with that type of device - this way you can protect your brand as the user will be able to back-up to your device only. If you offer FTP/SFTP storage services, this brandable backup software can be programmed so that it will recognize and back-up only to a specific ip or range of ips.
  • Brandable backup software. It can be distributed under a different name and modified so that each outgoing link/email will point to addresses that you provide. This way you can enforce your brand to your customers, without the cost of developing a new backup solution.
  • No recurring fees. There are no recurring or hidden fees to pay to bundle this brandable backup software with your USB/Firewire storage device or service.
  • Powerful backup software. Your clients will have the benefit of using a powerful backup solution. Furthermore, there are some specific features that are targeted towards OEM bundles: One-touch backup and Plug-N-Backup. The One-touch backup feature is extremely useful if the USB/Firewire drive it is bundled with has a button that when pushed, executes an action - this way whenever that button is pushed it can be configured to start a backup. The Plug-n-backup feature takes this a step further, as it will automatically start backing up when an USB flash drive is inserted in the PC.
Contact us today to become our OEM Partner:
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We offer a Rebranding program for companies that want to sell a backup program under their own brand bundled with their own services or products (hardware or software).
Here's an overview of what can be modified in a rebranded version:
  • Use any name you want for the rebranded backup program
  • Backup destinations can be locked to your own servers (i.e. for FTP/SFTP/Cloud)
  • Customize the images (i.e. logo, icons) and have your own URL and email support addresses
  • Your company name as an installation folder
  • Several features can be modified (i.e. features locked to a specific option or disabled)
In 5 simple steps you can start selling your own rebranded backup program:
  1. Contact us to establish your requirements
  2. Pay the rebranding fee
  3. We deliver the rebranded version
  4. You buy licenses with volume discounts
  5. You sell the bundled product/service
To get started simply send us an email:
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